Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cuyamaca Loop 2 Last Chance

A few of us are going to run the 2nd loop of the Cuyamaca 100K this Saturday the 26th @ 6AM

If you haven't run this loop and are running in the race next Saturday I highly suggest that you join us if you are free. This loop comes at a time when its HOT, and your TIRED, for me knowing what to expect makes things a little easier to push through. I hadn't run this loop prior to racing Cuyamaca 100K and in hindsight I really wish I did!!!

Anyhow, the more the merrier, we will be meeting at Sweetwater parking lot to start running at 6AM
total mileage looks to be 14-15, and pace will be mellow to moderate, as we are still a little beat up from last weekend!

Shoot me an email if you are thinking of making it,  that way we know to wait for anyone

Matt Whalen

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