Monday, March 31, 2014

4/6 Cuyamaca North Loop

Meet: Cuymaca Lake at Milk Ranch Road turn in the road dirt parking lot (correction: Adventure Pass is NOT required) Google this: Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, 13652 Hwy 79, Julian, CA, United States

Start: 6:30

Distance: 15mi +/- 

Route: The first loop of the Cuyamaca 3 Peaks course (Red and Yellow course at or Basically up the backside of Stonewall down to Paso Picacho and up Cuyamaca - maybe going up the peak and back across to Middle Peak returning to the cars.

Contact for

Options: Lots of options for more or less miles and more or less climbing.

Water: Yes at Paso Picacho Campground approximately mile 7.

4/5 Saddleback Marathon Course

Meet: Main Divide Lower Gate - above Blue Jay Campground

Start: 6:30

Distance: 26mi +/- 

Route: Up Main Divide,Down Trabucco, Up Holy Jim to Santiago Peak, return via Main Divide to cars. Hallucinations might lead to diversions such as down West Horsethief and back up Trabucco. Generally it will look like this except adding the Santiago Peak climb.

Water: {Maybe} in a couple places but is very limited and may NOT even be there.

Options: You can cut short by going down Trabucco and up West Horsethief or add as many miles as you want by wandering around Main Divide.

Contact for questions:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saturday 3/29 - PCT Up from Boulder Oaks then down Noble Canyon to Pine Valley trailhead

This is an alternative run for Saturday as a point to point. RSVP to Nathan Simpson at (858) 531-7904 if you're interested in this run since two cars will be used.

Meet: Boulder Oaks Campground. Start of the PCT 50 Race.
Start: 7am
Distance: 30+/-
Route: We will follow the PCT up to Penney Pines (~20 miles) in order to refill our water. Then continue down Noble Canyon to the trailhead and second car.
Water: Yes, at mile 20+/-

Sunday 3/30 - TracyD's Noble Canyon Run

Meet: Noble Canyon trail head - Pine Valley
Start: 6:30
Distance: 20mi
Route: Up Noble Canyon to Penny Pines, refill water, back down to cars.
Water: At Penny Pines mile 10

Options: Distance can be added at the top on PCT or around Big Laguna.

Contact for questions:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saturday 3/29 - PCT Up from Boulder Oaks - Out and Back

Meet: Boulder Oaks Campground. Start of the PCT 50 Race
Start: 7am
Distance: 30+/-
Route: We will follow the PCT up to Dale's Kitchen (13.7m) and take Thing Valley road (1.3m) to Red Tail Roost in order to refill our water. Then return the same way back to the cars.
Water: Yes, at mile 15+/-

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sunday 3/23 - SD 100 course Penny Pines/Pioneer Mail/Penny Pines Loop

Start at 7am
Distance 20 miles +/-
Route will be from Penny Pines down Nobel Canyon to Pine Creek to Pioneer Mail back to Penny Pines.

No Water. Plan on carrying for 20 miles. I will try to drop a few gallons at Pioneer Mail for us to top off for that last 4 miles back to Penny Pines.

Saturday 3/22 - First part of SD100 Course out and back

Meet at Big Bend (to save parking fees at the lake)  
Start at 7am
Distance 26 miles (+/-)

Route will be from Big Bend up to Lake Cuyamaca/Race Start then following course to Pedro Fages AS (18.5miles) then return back to Chambers AS, then to cars at Big Bend. Probable variation on the way out to Pedro where we will stay right on Soapstone Grade Fire Road and connect with Upper Green Valley. Then take that uphill and around to Pedro to limit the doubling back on the CRHT.

Water will be available at Paso Picacho @ mile 6.8 and I will drop water at Pedro @ mile 18.5.

Study SD 100 course maps to familiarize yourself with this route. 

Please RSVP to this blog or, so i know how much water to drop at Pedro.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lagoon Saturday 3/8

Lagoon run Saturday 3/8 615am: 15 miles, water available.  Comfortable pace, some people will be tapering (so they say).

Start location at Fletcher Cove:

No RSVP necessary

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Los Pinos Sunday 3/9

Sunday 3/9 7am: Los Pinos 50k course starting from the Lazy W / bottom of San Juan Trail.  Water available at Blue Jay at mile 20ish - but that's a really long 20, so plan accordingly.

Course info here:!course/c1oc5 Comfortable pace, but all runners need to be self-sufficient.

Carpool leaves from Vista Sorrento Park & Ride just north of 805/Mira Mesa at 5:45am.