Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Saturday 12/28

Meet at Penny Pines at 6:30 AM

The first part of the run is the Penny Pines 1 to Penny Pines 2 loop of the SD100 course.  The distance is 22 miles, and water is available at Red Tail Roost, about mile 10.

The second part of the run is the next 2 legs of the SD100 course, Penny to Pine Creek, and Pine Creek to Pioneer Mail, which is about 16 miles.  Finally, we'll finish with 4 miles back to Penny Pines again, for a total of about 42.

Choose your distance on this one, come out for the first half, then feel free to stop or add on however much more you feel like.

The carpool meets at Los Coches park and ride at 5:30.

More info on the route and maps at the SD100 website.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sycamore run

Hey everyone,
                       For those of you that are unable to make it to the mountains this Saturday (12/21), I will be running a 21+miler in Sycamore canyon starting at 6:30am. Water is available at the halfway point. We'll be meeting in Santee off of the Mast Blvd exit, just past West Hills high school and before Santee lakes. The run should take about 4hrs.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Eve Pre-Run Run

This is an add-on to the Christmas Eve Run. If you'd like to get up there earlier for some extra miles, some of us will be running a different loop up towards Oakzanita Peak.  Probably about 8 or so more.  We'll get back in time to launch with the big group at 8:30.

The Pre-Run starts at the same trailhead at 6:30, or meet at the Los Coches Park and ride at 5:45. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Eve Morning Run

In case you missed any of the emails that went out, here's the info on the Xmas Eve morning run.
This one usually attracts a big crowd, so please carpool!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Saturday 12/14/13 Cuyamaca 100k Loop 1 (abbreviated)

For those of you not heading up to run up San Jacinto, a few of us will be running Cuyamaca Loop 1 from Sweetwater parking at 6:30am.  We plan to skip the out-and-back down to Merrigan, distance should end up being high-20's.  Water expected to be available at Green Valley, Paso, and School Camp.

No RSVP necessary.  There will also be a couple people hiking a shorter route if anybody is interested.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Date: 12/14/13: Up & Back towards San Jacinto via PCT from Snow Creek Rd in Palm Springs.

Distance and Difficulty:  Very long and extremely difficult out and back up the PCT with no aid for up to 30 miles.  Could take all day.

Specifics:  Starts at 6:30 am ..... if interested contact prior to 12/12/13 for where to meet and to pass along more detailed information.

Monday, December 9, 2013

New San Diego Trail Running Blog

Scott Crellin and I (Scotty Mills) have decided to create a blog for all who have been included on the past training run email lists.  If you sign up for the SD Trail Running Blog, you will receive or be able to post training runs for you and other members.  The blog will also allow organizers of training runs to post after run recaps along with pictures.   It will serve as a forum to suggest future run possibilities or to link directions for the runs. 

A routine training run post should contain the following as a minimum:
the date, time, and meeting location for the run, the distance options, distances between water replenishment loclaes, and an email to RSVP if the person organizing the run requests it.

The Blog is still under construction so there will be many changes forthcoming.  If you have suggestions, please contact us on the blog or via our emails.  Our goal is to eliminate sending weekly emails but to provide a location for members to check or post future training runs.