Thursday, January 29, 2015

Saturday, Jan 31 Training Run from Pedro Fages

Self Supported Training Run on Sat, Jan 31 starting at Pedro Fages parking area on Sunrise Hwy (S1) beginning at 6:30 am.  Pedro Fages is located at the 36 green mile marker on S1 (1.5 miles north of Sunrise parking area). The run will cover the last 20 miles of the Lost Boys 50 course and will include sections of the San Diego 100 course as well.  Total distance would be approximately 28 miles.

The run will reach 20 miles at Lake Cuyamaca and then there are 8 more miles to return to Pedro Fages.  If anyone wants to just do the 20, they could arrange for someone to drop a car at Lake Cuyamaca and then carpool to Pedro Fages for the start of the run.  There is no water resupply until you get back to Lake Cuyamaca so be prepared for 20 miles without aid. 

Maps of the last 20 miles to include turn by turn directions are located on the Lost Boys 50 web site.  Directions from Lake Cuyamaca (from Chambers) back to Pedro Fages are located on the SD 100 website. 

Moderate pace and no need to RSVP. 

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