Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sunday, 12/7, Secret Canyon

Hi All,

This run will start at the south end of Secret Canyon, at the trail head off Japatul Valley road.  Here's a link to a map to help you find it.

Secret Canyon is a 16 mile point to point trail.  I plan to go out 10-12 miles and turn back, but if anyone wants to work out a shuttle, we could do the whole trail south to north, and then call it a run at 16, or add on a bit more on the north side.  Let me know in the comments if you can meet me at the north end a bit earlier and carpool down to the south trail head.

The trail was recently cleared, but I've heard there's a bit of poison oak growing back, so calf sleeves might be a good idea.

Please arrive at 6:30 AM and be prepared to run the distance of your choosing.  There is no water along the trail, so make sure you're carrying enough.


  1. Ok, we got a shuttle happening, so if you want to do a point to point 16 mile run instead of an out and back, meet at the north side in pine valley at 6 am. If you'd like to add on a bit after the one way trip, some of us will be running additional miles.


    A likely add on at the end of the Secret Canyon one way.