Monday, August 25, 2014

Cuyamaca 100k Training Run Saturday 8/30

Hi Folks!

Going to run the 3rd loop of the Cuyamaca 100k course on Saturday, 8/30 starting at 6:00am.

If you'd like to join, please meet me at the Sweetwater Parking area off of Hwy 79 in Cuyamaca.  We will start there and run north on the East Side Trail a little over a mile before picking up the course at the School Camp.  This distance, plus the 18.3 miles of loop 3 will make this run close to 21 miles. 

There is no water anywhere along this section of the course, so please carry enough for the whole run. 

If you are unfamiliar with the course, please carry a map and/or directions from the website at

I wish I could do loop 2 as well, but I have to get back to town early this weekend.  Perhaps others will stick around and run that section too?  If so, leave a note in the comments.

Scott Crellin


  1. I can't make it down to bridge by 6:00am. So I will park at Surise trailhead at 7:00am and start my run from there. I wil leave some water by my car for the taking for when you all arrive to Sunrise on your loop. Maybe I'll see some of you on trail. :) Look for the water by a spruce green Toyota Rav 4.

  2. Thank you, Mary Lou! This will be very helpful.