Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sugar Pine to Chambers and More, Saturday, June 14

When: Saturday, June 14, 2014, 5:30 AM

Where: Big Bend parking turnout which is 1/2 mile before getting to Lake Cuyamaca Restaurant on the Hwy 79. This is where runners cross Hwy 79 from Milk Ranch Road to run the last mile of the race to the finish line.

Route:  From the start, we will run to the Sugar Pine Trail, (in front of the Cuyamaca Restaurant/Store). At this point, follow SD100 route to Chambers Aid Station (mile 12.5). The distance to Sugar Pine Trail from the cars might be about a mile, so the total mileage to Chambers will be around 13-13.5 miles. From there, we will return to the cars (for Aid) via the same route, bringing the mileage to about 26-27 miles. We will then follow the same route again to Chambers, but this time, we will run back to the car once we get to the lake.  Total mileage should be close to 40. 

Total Miles: 26-27 or 40 

Pace: Pace will be moderate (not an advised SD100 recovery run).

Water:  We expect to have water at Paso Picacho, Chambers, and at the cars.
You are responsible for your own safety.

No need to RSVP.

*Credit to Sheila Rao and Brian Elliot (recent transplants to SD and VHTRC members) for brainstorming this run. As always, If you are unfamiliar with the course route or may arrive late, bring maps.

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