Sunday, February 16, 2014

Old Goats South 2/22

We will be tackling the Old Goats course South section on Saturday.

You can study the GPS tracks for the whole course at

Meet at Lower BlueJay (just before the gates) at 6am. You'll need an Adventure Pass to park. This will go south towards Chiquita Falls Aid Station location and then the Candy Store Aid Station location and back to Blue Jay where we started.

There are some friendly folks who have stashed water in various places that may or may not be available on this day. You should plan to have sufficient water and food to last you for 20 miles. That means you need a hydration pack and food. Unlike race day, there will be no aid stations!

If you have not run trails before or don't know this area you should NOT come up for this run - it is dangerous if you are not prepared and you could die. Join us at your own risk.

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