Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Saturday 12/28

Meet at Penny Pines at 6:30 AM

The first part of the run is the Penny Pines 1 to Penny Pines 2 loop of the SD100 course.  The distance is 22 miles, and water is available at Red Tail Roost, about mile 10.

The second part of the run is the next 2 legs of the SD100 course, Penny to Pine Creek, and Pine Creek to Pioneer Mail, which is about 16 miles.  Finally, we'll finish with 4 miles back to Penny Pines again, for a total of about 42.

Choose your distance on this one, come out for the first half, then feel free to stop or add on however much more you feel like.

The carpool meets at Los Coches park and ride at 5:30.

More info on the route and maps at the SD100 website.

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